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Monthly Archives: July 2010

5 and a half years ago..

I learned a girl named Brittani “Spire” and I were going to be fish camp counselors together. A friend of ours that new both of us told me “dude, she’s hot.” I could not confirm this since her name was actually “Cire” (and this was pre-facebook anyways so stalking was more difficult). A different mutual […]

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Well I’m pretty convinced that posting on our blog brings good luck…or a lot of answered prayers!  It seems that every time we post there are big changes in the following days.  The babies were advanced to taking 6 out of 8 feeds by mouth yesterday!  Presley only missed out on 1 of 6 feeds […]

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50 days in the NICU…

…and 10 days since our last post. Cullen signs “I love you, please forgive the delay” What is the big deal.. It’s not like anything has changed in 10 days.. This is the face that accompanies milk bellies.. Presley and Cullen have only managed to down  ~3.8 liters of breast milk since our last blog […]

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2 posts in 1 day!

Just a warning that once again this is not Corey.  I felt compelled to update the blog.  I hope you’ll look past my lack of humor and appreciate my speedy update.  We had a wonderful time today celebrating Corey’s 30th year of life!  Besides his mohawk (and mustache) he requested a cookie cake so we […]

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Someone’s turning 30!

Well don’t get too excited…it’s just me…Brittani.  I will apologize in advance that this blog post isn’t being written by Corey but there is good reason.  Today is his 30th birthday!  Corey isn’t a huge fan of birthdays.  He doesn’t necessarily dislike them but he doesn’t need to make a big deal out of them […]

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