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Christmas Morning | Dec 2011

Here are a few videos (thanks to Uncle Thomas) of the twins on Christmas morning!  We really wanted to capture their reaction because although it might not be much, we thought it might be a little more than last year! Presley wasn’t very interested in opening her presents unless it was in the comfort of […]

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Santa Shmanta | Dec 2011

Well Santa went exactly as we had expected!  Presley went into hysterics before I had even completely released her into his lap.  We thought we might miss that reaction if I handed her over instead of Corey but she didn’t disappoint.  They both cried the whole time he held them but I wanted at least […]

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29 Weeks & A Birthday Celebration | Dec 2011

Well to try to “catch-up” around here would be a joke at this point so I will just start with today!  Daddy (Corey) is out of town for a few days so Ollie has so graciously given up her birthday to help me with the twins.  We wanted to make her feel specials so we’ve […]

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July 2011

I’m sad to say that the pictures each month are getting scarcer and scarcer.  It is quite sad how few real pictures I have of my children…and I call myself a photographer!  Pathetic! 😉  Hopefully this is motivation enough for me to start taking more pictures!  Our month of July looks like quite a bit […]

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