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Harper Bryn Oliver | Feb 2012

Cliff Notes: Harper Bryn Oliver Born at 12:30pm 6 lbs 5 oz 20.5 inches long Wow.. here is a little story about Valentines Day Eve. Things are a little different with your 2nd (or 3rd in our case) child.  There is absolutely as much love… scratch that.  Definitely more love. But so many more variables. […]

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Ready or Not | Feb 2012

I’ve wondered if I had carried the twins farther if I would have gotten to the “nesting” phase that you read about and see in so many shows.  Well I think I’m officially there!  I’ve been cleaning daily, cooking meals, making multiple (irrational) trips to the grocery store and finishing up Harper’s room!  I realize […]

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37 Weeks | Feb 2012

Full term!  I wasn’t sure if I’d reach this point but here we are!  I’m thrilled to be carrying a healthy, full-term baby!  I went to the doctor yesterday and although she has dropped and is very low there are no changes otherwise.  I’m thrilled not to do a shot this week – so glad […]

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36 Weeks | Jan 2011

Well we’re in the final stretches!  In 3 weeks we will get to meet our sweet baby girl and our family will be complete! We had our last ultrasound today – it was a bit harder to see her and she was quite scrunched in there but we managed to get a couple pictures of […]

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