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Preschool Christmas Program | December 2014

We were really blessed in finding such a wonderful preschool immediately upon our arrival in Portland.  It was something I worried and prayed over and once again He provided.  The twins participated in the Christmas program – Presley was an angel and Cullen a sheep.  He was not so sure about the idea but was brave and participated.  Presley didn’t mind one bit!


Camping Part 1 | December 2014

Just a warning that this post is going to be picture heavy!!  I brought my real camera and we took the kids camping in Bend…in December!  We weren’t brave enough to do a tent in the winter so we rented a cabin in a state park.  The kids had a blast and we spent so much time exploring outside!  I took my “real camera” so that’s what this post will be sharing is those photos!

We took a detour on the way home to Mt Bachelor to check it out and play in the snow!

December 2014

December brought much fun!  We enjoyed this beautiful view!

We enjoyed making chains to count down until Ollie & Papa’s next visit or until we get to venture back to Texas.  Our Elf, Toby, returned and brought powdered donuts!  We enjoyed exploring our new town more and more!

Daddy made a new table for our playroom, we got our Christmas tree decorated, watched Presley dance, visited a few new doctors, “slept” in boxes and Hazel & Delilah got some training for their leashes!

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