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handsome fella

I snagged this photograph of my boyfriend the other evening.  He had come home from work and immediately began playing in the driveway with the kids.  Never does he take time to relax when he gets home but goes straight to them and picks up where he left off.  They wrestle, use their imaginations, play hide and seek and build forts.  He is just the best and that makes me the luckiest.



my sidekick

Well I am getting back into the swing of carting my camera around and in turn have subjected my kids to countless photos.  One day they’ll thank me…at least that’s what I’m telling myself!  I have several to share from our last week from random snippets of our day!

My even bigger sidekick is this “little one”!  Even though she is in school two days a week…the other 5 she is always right by my side.  She is the first to leave the playroom to see what we are up to and if we need “help”!  She wants to snuggle, have her back scratched and be loved on.  She let me be the other day while I was working for a bit and this is how I found her eating her snack in the living room.  Silly goose.


First Day of School | Part Two

Well Harper started school a few days later than the twins!  We were sure not to exclude her from their photos and we did the same on her official first day of school!

It started like this and I can’t quite remember why she started crying but I believe she was hurt!  Not a flattering picture of C but thought it was too cute of H not to share!



I think she was just slightly proud of her pink backpack and to be going to the same school as brother and sister!!


First Day of School

Well we have been MIA for quite some time.  I am hoping to get back into the routine of our blog for the sake of our families.  I will try to catch up in between current life posts!

These THREE…that’s right…ALL THREE will be going to school this year!  Last year Harper was able to stay home with Mommy for the whole year but we are both excited for her to go to school a couple days a week.  Her first official day isn’t until Thursday but we couldn’t exclude her from these pictures!  The twins are doing 1/2 day Kindergarten and are using this year as their transition year.  They will go to full day Kindergarten next year in public school!  They were all beyond ready to get back into the routine of school and have a break from one another!  Cullen isn’t as miserable as he may seem in these pictures! 😉  He isn’t a morning person!



Leave it to Harper to ham it up!


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