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Teacher Gifts

We have been SO lucky in our transition to Portland!  So many questions have been answered and worries have been taken care of.  The kids have been blessed with the most incredible teachers.  They continuously go above and beyond to love on them, make them feel welcome, special and safe.  I saw the cutest idea on a friend’s blog over at Fancy Ashley!  I had every intention of heading to Anthropologie to get the cups and treats she posted but the “littlest miss” wasn’t having it so I got creative at Target!  I’m not sure they’re as cute as hers but the teachers loved them and we added a gift card to the movies for each of them also!


cup / hot cocoa / chocolate stirrers (similar)

Pumpkin Patch | October 2014

The twin’s school takes field trips a few times a year!  This is new for us as a family so it was quite a fun experience.  Ollie happened to be in town so she was able to tag along.  She was a trooper!  She put a sack on her boot and kept up with everyone else!  It was quite the rainy day but that didn’t stop us!  The kids had a blast and I’m pretty sure they didn’t complain once about it being cold or wet!  The farm we visited was pretty neat!  They are actually a potato farm primarily so we were able to see where they store them all.  They also grow pumpkins, Christmas trees, berries, and corn to name a few!


October 2014

October was a fun month!  We continue to settle in here and get into a new version of “normal”.  We wrangled up costumes to celebrate Halloween and tried to make a “theme” out of what Presley was asking to be…a unicorn!  I was able to pull together other ideas that Cullen and Harper were excited about so it worked out well!  We Trick or Treated in our new neighborhood with their friend, Jagger and his parents.  Despite the weather difference (it was a bit chilly) and the hills we had a blast!


Other Highlights:

  • Ollie came to visit
  • Daddy traveling to Chicago for a week
  • Harper and I continue to settle into a grove while the kids are in school!  It often involves special snacks, errands, Villa Sport and lollipops!
  • We visited a local Apple Farm with their friend Jagger and then took Ollie back when she came!


Texas Trip | Sept 2014

We planned to make a trip back to Texas when our new niece Kinley made her grand entrance!  We also were able to meet Baby Beckett so that made our trip even more special!


Presley found the “notes” section on her iPad and typed a “novel”.


We finally made it to Ollie’s house and the fun began!!


Another bonus of coming to Texas was that we were able to have Ashley of Ashley Monogue Photography take our family photos!  She took our first “official” family photos when the twins were just a few months old.  It was a treat to have her do this again!  She drove to Temple and we found the perfect spot!


We were able to attend several of Papa Joe’s Lion’s games!!  The kids were more interested in the mascot this year but especially enamored with “Baby” Beau!!


The kids really enjoyed their “sleepovers” at their buddies house!  They so miss their friends that they’ve known since birth!  They seemed to pick right back up where they left off!


Presley came with me to get my hair done and got her FIRST haircut!  I know she’s 4 1/2 years old but her hair has grown SO slow.  I am not sure she got what she signed up for because we were there probably 4 hours!!  She was a gem!


To top it all off!  We got to meet Baby Kinley!  She couldn’t be more precious!  We decided that Uncle Dusty and Aunt Sara should have ALOT more babies! 😉


I miss these girls so!


A few more sillies, airport party fouls, date nights and hair cuts to top it off!!


cheryl - December 19, 2014 - 9:36 pm

We loved seeing you and having you stay with us! Such a treat!!!!!

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