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First Day of Preschool | Sept 2014

These nuts got to start preschool after a long preschool of being locked up with their mean Mommy. ūüėČ

They were so sweet together!  We had a bit of a trek each time we had to go to our car and they made the entire journey hysterical.


Love these two!!


This girl loves the spotlight!  She learns all of her poses from her dear Ollie!


He has my heart!


September 2014

September 2014

  • The kids had a dentist appointment here in Portland
  • The twins started Preschool
  • Celebrated Brittani’s¬†birthday
  • Ollie came to visit and Papa followed after to surprise us!
  • We moved into our new house
  • Put together ALOT of furniture
  • Explored the Nike campus
  • Brittani¬†went a bus ride with Corey’s coworkers (and friends) for a girl’s day and wine tours
  • Presley started ballet and tap for the¬†semester


Desktop Favorites

I spend quite a bit of time on my computers, especially when I am working quite a bit.  I always like to change my desktop to follow the seasons or sometimes just my mood!  I stumble upon a few due to blogs I read or Pinterest but my last few have come from a new precious blog I stumbled upon!  Just wanted to share in case you change things up like I do!

Just click the photo below to take you to the Dear Lovely Blog!  She has several options but this is the one I loved the most!!
Screenshot 2014-12-14 16.07.26

Big Truck | August 2014

Because we are new here we have done a bit more exploring of the local activities than we did in Texas. ¬†We still don’t get to do as much as we’d like to go but we had a tendency to become very comfortable in Texas.

I was told about a website called Red Tri before we moved by a few of Corey’s co-workers. ¬†I receive weekly emails about activities in and around Portland. ¬†We heard about this Big Truck event and the kids had a blast! ¬†It was a warmer day than a typical Portland day so we didn’t survive as long as we’d had liked but they had a great time!


August 2014

August was jam packed! ¬†There was quick trip back to Texas! ¬†We got to see a lot of familiar face and it was refreshing after what had been a whirlwind of a few months. ¬†Unfortunately our trip was due to the death of Corey’s sweet grandmother, Perk. ¬†We enjoyed seeing all of the family but it she is greatly missed.

I’ll hit the highlights because there was SO much!

  • We celebrated our 8 year anniversary and had a fun date night out in Belton while we were in Texas
  • Played with the dogs and the kids at the “nastics” park at the apartment complex
  • Rejoined Villa Sport when it opened in Beaverton
  • Finished football and dance for the summer
  • Explored local parks
  • Finally picked a house!
  • Joined the local library
  • The tree in the first collage is a tree that Corey planted at our first house! ¬†We happened to drive by and noticed how big it had gotten!!


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