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Washington County Fair | July 2014

If you had asked if I thought our first family fair would be in Oregon I wouldn’t have believed you!  There are so many firsts that I didn’t anticipate happening thousands of miles away from Texas but they’ve turned out perfectly!

The kids had a blast, as did Corey and I!  They walked the whole time because we sent our double stroller into storage while we were in temporary housing.  We expected them to tire out sooner but once again they proved us wrong!  There was an entire kid area dedicated to teaching them about the farming in Oregon.  It was very informative and right up their alley!  I think we all learned quite a bit!


Harper wasn’t quite tall enough to ride any of the rides once they opened up but she was a good sport about it.  We did have one “event” in which Presley was supposed to walk the 2 feet from myself to Corey.  Well I looked away while she made her journey and she must not have spotted Corey (something about being 3 feet tall).  He didn’t know she was supposed to be walking toward him and I suddenly realized she wasn’t with him and neither of us knew where she was.  It was not a Mommy moment I’d like to relive…ever.  He walked through the park looking for her and I stood on a bench calling for her and making sure not to loose either of my other two children.  He found her wandering around quite a ways from us and she was as calm as a cucumber.  Thank the Lord we found her.  We promptly had a conversation with all of them about what to do if they get separated from us in public and continue to have that conversation every time we go into a crowd.  Whew!fairblog-3

To round off our trip on a positive note, Daddy decided he should win them all a VERY large (too big in my book!) stuffed animal!  They were very pleased and then we made one more stop for ice cream!  fairblog-4

July 2014

Well moving right along here is the month of July!  There was quite a bit of football (flag football that is), hanging out with Ollie & Papa Joe (while she continued to heal), house hunting, ballet, swimming, exploring, visiting dog parks, celebrating Daddy’s birthday and lastly a quick trip back to Texas for Perk’s funeral.  🙁julyblog-1julyblog-1`julyblog-2julyblog-3julyblog-4julyblog-5julyblog-6julyblog-7julyblog-8julyblog-9julyblog-10julyblog-12julyblog-13
A collection of photos left from this month of Harper. She has been a crack up!

A boy and his football (and barbies)! 😉


Joslin - November 21, 2014 - 1:43 am

What kind of tablets were the kids using? I like the case!

Move to Portland – June ’14

Well after saying goodbye to all of our family and friends we left on a jet plane with Ollie & Papa in tow!  The kids did great and this was Harper’s first airplane ride!

This was everyone’s first trip to Portland with the exception of Corey and I, and even still it was only my second!  He had been traveling back and forth for a month so that we could postpone the big move a little longer.  We wanted the twins to be able to celebrate their birthday with their friends and finish their school year.  The entire transition was very smooth – not that we have done this before but I can only imagine the hiccups that could have occurred!  Traveling with an Ollie & a Papa Joe wasn’t a bad idea either.  I highly recommend that everyone find themselves a couple of those!  😉

I was pleasantly surprised by our temporary housing arrangements!  The location was great and within walking distance of several neat shops for the kids.  Corey got to “move in” the day before we arrived.  It was furnished but Thomas and Ashley were sweet enough to make a road trip to bring the dogs and some other necessities for our time in the apartment.

We got settled rather quickly because didn’t have very much to unpack!  That left us more time to explore!  Our first few weeks were spent exploring and being tourists with Ollie, Papa Joe, Ashley and Thomas.  We checked out Multnomah Falls, Portland’s food carts, local dog parks, Nike’s Employee Store, Mt Hood, Cannon Beach, the Fish Hatchery and the local parks!

We signed Cullen up for Flag Football before arriving and he wasn’t quite sure what to think!  He was the youngest on the team by at least a year.  The age range for the kids on the team ended up being 4-7 and there were no other 4 year olds.  He enjoyed picking flowers a bit more than playing football but it grew on him as the games went on!

I apologize for the photo overload that is about to commence but we accomplished quite a bit in our first month or so.


We spent our final night in our house on our mattress in the formal living room downstairs!  We are sad that Cooper didn’t make it here in our laundry basket!  I thought my idea was fool proof!  We mad our last visit to see Grammy before leaving and headed out to Temple!movetoportland2movetoportland3movetoportland4movetoportland5movetoportland6movetoportland7movetoportland8movetoportland9movetoportland10movetoportland11movetoportland12movetoportland13movetoportland14movetoportland15movetoportland16movetoportland17movetoportland18movetoportland19movetoportland20movetoportland21movetoportland22


Temple Trip – June ’14

In an attempt to salvage this blog I’ve decided to try to catch up on the past 4 months.  I’m doing it primarily for my Mother, no offense if anyone else out there reads this!

Before we hopped on a plane to move 3,000 miles away packed up our house and visited Temple for a few days!

It was there that we celebrated Cullen & Presley’s 4th birthday and we got to spend time with the extended Oliver family at a family reunion.


Mom from TexAgs - November 14, 2014 - 4:48 am

I am sooooo happy to see the updates!

Cullen & Presley’s Birthday Party – June ’14

The twins celebrated their birthday with MOST of their favorite people!!  They got to celebrate a week early so that they could see everyone before we left.

We landed on a “Pirate and Princess” themed party to merge to the two requests.  I think they were pleased.  I decided to tone it down a little bit this year from our typical party shenanigans.  It was SO much easier and a lot less stressful.  I am thinking this might become a new trend.

We had wands, crowns, pirate hats and eye patches for our friends!  They loved their treasure chest piñata!  It was falling apart somewhat before we even started so Daddy taped it.  He thought it wouldn’t last very long but Mommy had to take out her “frustration” about moving on the piñata to get it open or the kids. 😉

Ollie made her delicious cupcakes and again were a hit!  We added rice krispie princess wands and had pirate booty (a favorite snack in our house)!  We also served Chick-fil-a nuggets because there is not a Chick-fil-a in Oregon!

Thanks to everyone that was able to come celebrate with us!  We are so grateful for all of the support we’ve received over the last 4 years!!


Mom from TexAgs - June 9, 2014 - 12:20 pm

WHAT A SURPRISE! I haven’t been checking for updates because I knew you were BUSY BUSY moving. Precious blessings in these twins and their little sister.

So much love your children have!

Betty Hart - March 11, 2015 - 11:58 pm

Hello, I am one of your Aggie Moms. I have not seen you since Cullen and Presley were born. You have been in my thoughts and in my prayers. I was going through some old papers and found your blog address. I am so happy for you. Your family is richly blessed and highly favored. You are such an inspiration. God be with you and keep you safe.

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