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Mother’s Day & Beau’s Dedication – May ’14

Corey was traveling for work on Mother’s Day weekend and Beau was being dedicated at his church so off the kids and I went to Temple!  We celebrated with the Oliver clan and had a great time!  After lunch, Papa Joe offered to take a picture of my clan and we didn’t really get a good one but that’s real life right?  The first picture on the top left was our initial attempt…


Easter 2014

We celebrated Easter this year with Corey’s family!  Since we ripped the rug out from under them and decided to move to Portland we are trying to spend as much time together as possible!  The kids were there the weekend before (if I remember correctly) because were visiting Portland.   I’m realizing that some of these photos may be from that time frame but before or after they all had fun!

While we were in Portland, the kids visited Aunt Amber at school where she dressed up as the Easter Bunny.  I apologize for ruining the mystery for all of you!  Even though she showed the kids it was her, Harper still was not a fan!


We had a great egg hunt at Ollie & Papa Joe’s house!  A few grown men (not Papa Joe…) may have later hid a piece of dog poop in an egg for Thomas to find…


Uncle Tom & Ashley decided it would be fun to plant jelly beans with the kids the night before Easter!  It was a tradition in Ashley’s family (if I remember correctly) and the next morning a jelly bean tree grew!  They were ecstatic!EasterBlog-3

We played at Grandma & Paw’s visited Perk, and dressed up quite a bit!EasterBlog-4

We went to the Sunrise Service at Ollie & Papa Joe’s church on Easter morning.  The kids had a blast staying with us instead of going to the nursery.  They also LOVED that church was outside!EasterBlog-5EasterBlog-6

Daddy left early to head to start his new job so Mommy stayed and hung out in Temple with the kids.  We went to Lake Belton or the beach as the kids call it.  We didn’t think to bring towels, bathing suits, etc. but the kids had a blast!  They could have cared less and it reminded me (as I am constantly reminded) to relax and “let it go”.


While we were in Portland Ollie had pictures taken of her, Papa Joe and the grand kids.  They also made rainbow cupcakes and celebrated Ashley’s birthday!  They were so excited!EasterBlog-9EasterBlog-10

Easter DAY!EasterBlog-11EasterBlog-12

We went to Grandma and Paw’s to explore!  They planted plants (if by planted you mean dug up plants/weeds and put them into pots) but we won’t tell the kids!  They had a blast!   They got to explore in their garage and find old toys.  We treasure our time with them and the memories the kids are making.  EasterBlog-13EasterBlog-14EasterBlog-15

Cooper’s Birthday – April ’14

We celebrated one of the twin’s best friend’s birthday before we left town for Easter!  They had a great time with a room full of balloons, glow sticks and of course…cake!  Delilah and Hazel hung out in the backyard with their best friend, Lizzy, while Daddy packed the car to head to Ollie & Papa Joe’s for Easter.  They have grown so fond to this sweet family that it’s definitely going to be one of the hardest parts about moving…but we will save that for another post!


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